• MoSiTaCoY Target
  • SiAl Alloy Sputtering Target
  • CuAl alloy sputtering target
  • BSCCO Sputtering Target
  • BSCCO sputtering target
 Beijing Goodwill Metal Tech Co.LTD is the leading materials manufacturer and trader in China. For decades, our sputtering targets, evaporation materials,crucible liners and rare earth materials helped our customers achieving their innovations. Beijing Goodwill Metal Tech Co.LTD is the subsidiary of China's the biggest material research institute-General Research Institute For NONFERROUS Metals. Having undertook research tasks for many years, we are experienced in producing for industries and research institutes with uniform quality. Therefore, we forces strict requirements on each piece of our products. 

Doped Targets & Customizing Targets

 We are very delighted by our consistently qualified products supporting diversified industries. But, the best achievement we are proud of is that our products support progress in academic field. To satisfy customers' experimental purpose, we can provides comprehensive doped targets and targets under user customizing.
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